Searching the Unknown


He always highlighted the importance of the actitud of hard work and he demostrated that by his actions and he used to tell and transmit that spirit to his family and friends. Carlos aslo trasmit this meaning of discipline a long his art works and his giant Sculptures which where so expensives in physical terms and in costs of time, so that is a great example of discipline, to keep trucking also when the circunstances are the worth.

Defiant Look

Carlos way of seeing life was unique and so especial that transmited a powerfull energy which make people recognice him. His defiant look, his defiance to the unknown are unique characteristics which could be concidered his weapons to explore inside his artistic universe and to explore himself. He always said that anyone who want to know himself, have to defiance the destiny, defiance to the unknown and in the exploration you will learn more than in the result.

powerfull character

Carlos character was his more characteristics weapon, where people could pass from love him to hate him in a second or viceversa. But was that same character the one who created a world upon nothing and make it visible the invisible. His powerfull character, sometimes tyran with himself and with his art works where simply because of the life style he led in his life and his context.


Until his last days, he always talked about greatness and the importance of thinking big. In his explorations mediate his art works he explored, created and contempled and learned to think big inside a world of nothing. As he used to say,: ¨an artist has alway something to say, and know how to do it ¨, Carlos was able to take the juice in the life and to explore throught the unknown which make him a wise person.