Searching the Unknown


Carlos Regazzoni was born in Chubut, Argentina the 1st of Dicember of 1943. Where he lived a countryside and farmer life with his family, when he was 12 years old, he moved to Almirante Brown. At the age of 40, after a explosion of ideas in his head, he started painting. In 1990, he moved to Paris, France where he lived 15 years and created about 3000 sculptures and paintings.


Carlo’s way of seeing was just magnificate, by the hand of his strong character and powerful actitude he contemplate and softly explorate mediating his artworks. He was very principled, with values such as discpline, sacrifice and wisdom. With his defiant look and couraje he encountered exploration to the unknown.

Art works

His creativeness and attraction, especially to trains and steel, could be reflected in his artworks principally Oleo Paintings and scrap Sculptures. Along with his life, he made more than 6000 works, some in his Argentine Atelier and others in Paris, France where he lived 15 years.